Domino's Farms Office Park
Southeast Michiganís premier business address

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Phone: 734-930-4425

Domino's Farms Security
Phone: 734-930-4444

The Prairie House Press online!
(Spring 2019)

The Petting Farm @ Domino's Farms

Fitness Center
Phone: 734-930-3390

AMU Chapel @ Domino's Farms
Website - AveMariaChapel.org
(Mass times & Bulletin)
Phone: 734-930-3745

Our Lady of Grace Bookstore
Phone: 734-930-3747

E.B.A. Café
Hours: Weekdays 7:30AM-2PM
Phone: 734-930-7163

The Bison Bistro
Hours: Mon-Fri 8AM-3PM
Phone: 734-930-3663

Pizzaz! Hair Designs Salon

Phone: 734-930-HAIR

Ave Maria Fine Art Gallery

Health Services @ Dominos Farms Map